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The King Tides [Series Lancaster & Daniels ] Episode-1


Publisher :Thomas & MercerAuthor :James Swain
ISBN : 1503901688Release :01 August, 2018
ASIN :B078JGDYX8Pages :318 Total Prints

Book Review The King Tides [Series Lancaster & Daniels ] Episode-1 PDF : “Reality associate degreed illusion blur for an ex-Navy SEAL work a deadly case of stalking during this page-turner that archangel Connelly calls “a hundred % vasoconstrictive rush disguised as a novel.”Nicki Pearl is that the good daughter—every parent’s dream. which of strangers, too. where she goes, she’s being watched. every stalker is completely different from the last, aside from one thing—their dismaying obsession with Nicki. Desperate times demand desperate measures, and Nicki’s father is popping to somebody United Nations agency will shield her: retired sherlock and ex–Navy SEAL Jon Lancaster. Teaming up with government agent and former abduction victim alphabetic character Daniels, Lancaster will help—his method. He’s spent most of his career dispatching creeps United Nations agency get off on terrorizing the vulnerable. Unlicensed, and unrestricted, he plays dirty…But this case is uncommon. Why such a lot of men? Why this one girl? will Nicki have one thing to hide? Or do her parents? Trawling the darkest depths of southern FL, Lancaster faces a growing tide of secrets and deception. and therefore the deeper he digs, the additional he realizes that finding the reality won’t be simple. as a result of there’s additional to the current case than meets the attention.

Ebook The King Tides [Series Lancaster & Daniels ] Episode-1, Dr. Nolan Pearl resides each parent’s nightmare. once his immature female offspring, Nicki, narrowly escapes associate degree abduction try, Pearl decides to require her protection detail up a notch. because the Fort Lauderdale police drag their feet, Pearl enlists the assistance of Jon Lancaster, a former navy man and retired detective United Nations agency focuses on kid abduction cases. Lancaster, associate degree unauthorised investigator, doesn’t feel sure by a strict set of rules—or the laws of FL. He can do no matter it takes to stay Nicki safe. Upon meeting Lancaster, the Pearls don’t apprehend quite what to create of him. He appears like a roadie for Jimmy Buffett and has the ringtone (“Why don’t we have a tendency to get drunk and…”) to prove it. however once Nicki is kidnapped at the Pearls’ mansion—snatched poolside—they notice this former SEAL is that the man for the task. inside minutes, Lancaster has commandeered a ship to intercept the abductors.

The King Tides [Series Lancaster & Daniels ] Episode-1 Epub, After Nicki is safe on object, Lancaster digs into the case. presently realizing this can be quite a straightforward abduction theme, he scours the Pearls’ background, yet as Nicki’s friends, her boyfriends, and her social media. It’s shortly before he discovers the law enforcement agency is concerned, and that they might have the answers to several of his queries. Problem is, the answers area unit additional distressing than he may have notional and land a lot of nearer to home than he ever expected. With The King Tides, three-time Barry Award pol James fellow has launched a high-octane 1st book nonparallel. And in Jon Lancaster he’s created associate degree unlikely hero price maturation for and a story with n”qtiperar” title=”sea|ocean” id=”tip_106″>ocean and land.

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